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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Horizon View 6.X Desktop Pool types.

In Horizon View 6.X there are 3 types of Desktop pools that we can create as per the requirements. These 3 types are as listed below.

  • Manual Desktop Pool
  • Automated Desktop Pool
  • RDSH Desktop Pool
Manual Pool:

This type of pool can contain managed VMs (Existing VMs that are managed by vCenter Server), unmanaged systems (VMs managed by VMware Server, Physical Computers, Blade PCs).

As the name suggest, desktops are not provisioned automatically. At the time of creation of pool, you need to select systems that are going to be member of this pool.

Automated Pool:

In this type of pool, member desktops are automatically created by Connection server using two different methods.

One method is to  use virtual machine templates to create new desktops. These VMs are also called as full clones alternatively.

Another method is called as linked clone technology. Will write about linked clones separately as this is vast topic.

RDSH Pool:

In this type of pool, RDS sessions are provided as machines to View users. Microsoft RDS host can be installed in virtual machine or Physical server. Connection server manages the sessions much like normal  machines.

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