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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Update powershell help from local source instead of internet

Instead of updating powershell help from internet, we can also update the help for powershell using local source like file share or local drive. This is an useful option for systems that are not connected to internet.

  • Save powershell help files to file server shared folder from system that has updated powershell help. In my case I have used local folder for demo.

  • If you open the folder after saving help, it should look something like below as combination of  archives (.cab) and XML files.
  • On the system where you want to update powershell help, start powershell and run following command
Note:  You can update system powershell help only once in 24 hrs unless you use -Force option. You can opt to update all modules or go for selective module update only as per requirement.

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