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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What is VMware vSphere

  • Previously known as Virtual Infrastructure. 
  • It is a product suite or brand name that includes multiple products which enables organizations to implement server virtualization.
Image: Vmware
  • vSphere has two important layers as below.
    • Virtualization layer which is provided by ESXi Server (Hypervisor)
    • Management layer which is provided by vCenter Server
  • VMware vSphere, is a necessary component of the vCloud Suite for cloud computing.
  • vSphere includes below services as part of product suite
    • VMware ESXi -  Virtualization Layer.
    • VMware vCenter Server - Centralized management layer for virtual infrastructure..
    • VMware vSphere Client - allows users to remotely connect to ESXi or vCenter Server.
    • VMware vSphere Web Client - allows users to remotely connect to vCenter Server from a variety of Web browsers.
    • VMware vSphere SDK - provides interfaces for accessing vSphere components.
    • VMFS - provides a high performance cluster file system.
    • vSphere Virtual SMP - allows a single virtual machine to use multiple virtual CPUs.
    • vSphere vMotion - allows live migration for powered-on virtual machines.  
    • vSphere Storage vMotion -  allows virtual machine files to be moved to a new data store while a VM is Powered on. 
    • vSphere High Availability (HA) - allows virtual machines to be restarted on available servers in the event of any failure.
    • vSphere DRS - Dynamic workload management for compute resources across hosts. 
    • vSphere Storage DRS - Dynamic storage capacity management. 
    • vSphere Fault Tolerance - provides continuous availability.
    • vSphere Distributed Switch -  allows VMs to maintain network configurations as the VMs migrate across multiple hosts.
    • Host Profiles - provides a way to create user-defined configuration policies. 
For more details about VMWare vSphere please refer VMware portal.

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